PREP Staff

Religious Education Staff
524 Ninth Street, Wilmette, IL, 60091
(847) 256-4250  Fax (847) 256-4254

Professional Staff Information
Jeff Joseph - Director of PREP (Parish Religious Education Programs) for grades 1 – 8
Coordinator of Confirmation Program
(847) 256-4250 
Kieran Lyons. - PREP Assistant
Coordinator of First Reconciliation and First Eucharist Program
RCIA Director
Spirituality and Formation Coordinator – Adults
(847) 256-4250 ext. 19 /
Dani Froelich – PREP Administrative Assistant
(847) 256-4250 ext. 16 /
Mary Therese Laird- Director of ACTION for grades 9 - 12
PREP Email
                  Please email for notifying us when your child will 
                  absent from PREP.
PREP Board Members
The PREP Parent Advisory Board is active in supporting and evaluating the program. They seek out the views, concerns, and ideas of the parents of PREP and work closely with the program director.   Members of the board are:

                           Sarah O'Brien Boyd
                           Dani Froelich
                           Kerry Hasbrook
                           Lisa Hisrchle
                           Kieran Lyons
                           Sylvia McGreal 
                           Christine Moran
                           MaryAnne O'Keefe
                           Rev. William J. Sheridan - Pastor 
                           Jeff Joseph - PREP Religious Education Director
Catechists and Aides 
Grade One
Elizabeth Smith
Mary Burke
Fina Riddle
Jenifer Mohart
Juliet Ainsley
Mary Beth Ainsley
Dennen Brennan
Amy Brown

Grade Two
Kieran Lyons
Kristy Wrigley
Jessica Samples
Cristina Cobain
Anna Rosenberg
Grace Rosean
Angela Derrick
MaryAnne O'Keefe

Grade Three
Chantal Petherbridge
Susan Troy
Jamie Dennis
Grade Four
Chris Hasbrook

Jane Dean
Anna McBride

Sally Carpetter
Margaret Lasonde

Grade Five
Eileen Richards
Kristan Schmidt
Matt Harris
Laurie Siok
Astrid Araya

Grade Six
Mandy Breaker
Michelle Lorge
Lisa Young
Amy Pawasarat
Jeni Roderick
Julie Andrianopoli
Stacey Blasko
Kelly Lewis
Marjie Murphy
Grade Seven
Lisa McCormick
Pam Pankauskas
Sr. Kathleen Donnelly, OP
Renee Fitzsimmons
Michelle Flood
Jessica Dawson
Lily Ainsley
Christine Moran
Sylvia McGreal

Grade Eight

Abby Reger
Alison Fitzgerald
MaryAnne O'Keefe

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