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Sunday Preschool Program/LITURGY FOR CHILDREN


What is it?
This is when the readings for mass are suitably adapted to make it relevant to the lives and experiences of young people. They hear the same readings as the adults, but at a level that is appropriate for their age group.

When & Where?
Every Sunday during the 9:30 a.m. Mass, sessions (except during the summer) will be held in the priests’ sacristy.

Who is it for?
Children ages 4 and up. Middle and High School students needed as helpers.

How does it work?
Children are to sit with their families as usual. After the opening, hymn, prayer and Gloria, there will be catechists that process down the center. Children are to file in behind these leaders. They will all stop in front of the sanctuary to receive a blessing and the Book of the Gospels. They are then lead down to the priests sacristy for the Children’s Liturgy of the Word. They will return to the main church after the Prayer of the Faithful, during the collection.

Who will lead the Children’s Liturgy of the Word?
A group of trained parents- catechists along with teens from our Children’s Liturgy Team. We would love your help! To join us, please contact the LOW coordinator Rebecca Stweart (rlueken@its.jnj.comTeens can earn service hours for their time with us!



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