PREP Second Grade

    The second grade curriculum focuses entirely on the Sacraments of Reconciliation and 
  Eucharist. The Sacrament of Reconciliation is celebrated in November and Eucharist is celebrated in
  May. Parents are actively involved in the preparation of their children through home activities which
  they receive at the parent meetings. All children take part in a retreat day prior to First Eucharist.

Unit Themes
The Bible
We Gather as Believers
The Sign of the Cross
The Old Testament
We Ask for Forgiveness
The Hail Mary
The New Testament
We Celebrate God’s Word
The Lord’s Prayer
The Call of Levi
We Celebrate the Gift of   
Glory Be to the Father
Act of Contrition
The Good Samaritan
Psalm 92
We Go in Peace
Grace before Meals
The Forgiving Father
Grace after Meals
Moses on the Mountain
Mass Responses
John the Baptist
Prayers of Praise
God Loves All Creation
 The Church Year
Feast of All Saints
Prayers of Thanksgiving
Prayers of Petition
Farmer Sowing Seeds
Jesus Gives Up His Life
Jairus’ Daughter
The Annunciation

The Lord’s Prayer
God’s Grace & Blessing
 Holy Week
Eucharist (The Mass)
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