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Clothing Room/Food Pantry

What happens to the clothing you donated to St. Thomas?

Upon arrival, the clothes are sorted and put on hangers by Nancy Rey, the Clothing Room Coordinator, and her volunteers. They work hard to arrange the clothing racks, which are designated for men and women, in the small basement space that houses the Clothing Room. Pants, shirts and dresses are generally hung up for the guests to browse through, while articles of children's clothing are folded and arranged neatly on shelves.

About a quarter of the Clothing Room guests are homeless, simply looking for a single change of clothing. The rest are mothers with children who use the Clothing Room to meet the needs of an entire household. Nancy and her helpers serve about 80 people per week, and they focus on obtaining clothes of good quality and meeting the individual needs of each person who visits the Clothing Room.

What happens to the food you donated to St. Thomas?

SFX volunteers deliver your donated food to Nancy Rey, who is also the Food Pantry Coordinator at St. Thomas. It is then sorted by category, and the paper grocery bags are folded flat for use again. All plastic bags are saved and offered to guests at the Soup Kitchen for carrying additional food. Volunteers then pack a variety of nutritious food into bags ahead of time, in preparation for handing out to guests. Separate bags are made for homeless, homebound and young families, with items appropriate to the needs of each group.

On average, the Pantry serves 500 households each month. Its regular hours of distribution are Tuesdays and Fridays between 9:30 a.m. and noon.

What do SFX volunteers do for the St. Thomas Food Pantry?

A lot! Every Monday and Friday, SFX parishioners pick up day-old bread from Heavenly Hearth and deliver it to St. Thomas. The bread is used as part of a hearty meal in the Soup Kitchen and is also placed in plastic bags for distribution from the food pantry. Volunteers also get to interact directly with guests, helping with some paperwork and registration if they are new to the area. The cheerful, affectionate attitude of these volunteers has been an essential part of this "Work of Mercy"!


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