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Ministry of Care at St. Francis Xavier

We need to come forward with God’s love and tenderness

with respect and with patience

knowing that God takes our hands

our feet

and our heart

and guides them

to make all our actions fruitful.

Pope Francis

This ministry allows those who are sick and homebound to experience the nearness of God as well as the nearness of their own Christian community through the presence of the Minister of Care.  Ministers bring news from the parish and attend to the homebound at some of life’s most difficult moments.  Through prayer and the reception of the Eucharist ministers share tenderly God’s Presence and Hope.  


To prepare you to enter into this service, the Archdiocese of Chicago requires Ministers of Care to participate in a 12-hour training program (offered periodically at St. Francis Xavier) which includes both the spiritual and practical aspects of this important ministry.  After participating in this training, ministers will be commissioned by the parish and will then proceed to shadow seasoned ministers.  Once new ministers feel confident, they will be added to the schedule and serve the community on a monthly basis.   


We know that true spiritual growth comes in sharing Christ with others who want to receive Him but would not have the opportunity without us. Therefore, the archdiocese requires ministers of care to participate in ongoing faith formation.  Each month, Ministers of Care at St. Francis Xavier meet in small groups to share their ministry experiences, receive support, and give encouragement to one another.  Ministers are strongly encouraged to attend these monthly meetings. The small group experience enhances the monthly commitment and builds community within the ministry. 


The desire to receive Christ in communion is contagious. Bringing a gift that someone so desperately wants reminds us how valuable the gift of Christ in communion really is. Every one of the current 70 Ministers of Care agrees that they receive more than they give.  Although the outreach is great, a minimal commitment each minister offers is to serve as a Minister of Care one Sunday each month and a monthly meeting with their small group each month.  Additional opportunities are available if a minister wishes to offer additional care.


As a faith community, we pray that the Ministers of Care always strive to be examples of Christian living in faith and conduct; and continue to grow in holiness through this sacrament of unity and love.


Please call the Ministry of Care office at 847-256-2273 ext. 1 for more information.

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