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Liturgical Ministries


Altar Servers: Altar servers aid in the Sunday masses in the Church. Three servers are needed for each mass. Families with young people in 4th grade through 8th grade are encouraged to contact Mary Kay Gorman at the Parish Office for more details.

Anna Ministry: A wonderful group responsible for cleaning and pressing the sacred linen, replenishing candles, and making the white baptismal "garments" used for infant Baptism. Contact Shelagh Donoghue through the Parish Office.

Eucharistic Ministers: Auxiliary Ministers of Communion at Sunday Mass are mandated for our parish by the Archdiocese every three years. Contact Elaine Vogel at 312-446-7709 or Elaine.vogel@icloud.com for more details about volunteering. Contact Elizabeth Beard at 847-256-2273 ext 1 for details about Ministers of Communion to the Sick. 

Lectors/Commentators: At Sunday Mass, one lay minister reads the first and second readings and a second lay minister leads the Prayers of the Faithful and reads the Announcements, which are provided by a liturgist in the parish office. Contact Robinn Jerutis through the Parish Office to volunteer. 

GYM MASS LITURGY COMMITEE: Liturgical ministries for the gym mass are coordinated by a committee headed by Ron Rodgers who can be contacted through the Parish Office. 

Ushers: A corps of four parishioners serve as ushers at each mass. Contact Pat Dolan with your interest at
(312) 953-6883 or at




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